Practical advice for early career software engineers.

I get a lot of questions from people who’ve completed a software engineering bootcamp and are looking for advice on finding a job or advancing their career. I think enough has been written about the former, but very little information is out there about the latter.

I’ve discussed how I made the jump from doing normal backend CRUD / API work to more interesting roles that involve building custom infrastructure and distributed storage from scratch before, but I wanted to sit down and lay out what I think are the most salient points.

This tutorial is about how I built

Biggest G is a dapp (distributed application) where user’s can compete to become the Biggest G™. It works by having an Ethereum smart contract store a single person’s name, which my website displays (but does not control). If someone wants to become the Biggest G, they can do so by calling the set function on my smart contract. Every time someone changes the name, the price to change it again doubles. That’s it!

In other words, it’s a vanity game for rich Ethereum users to show off how much money they’re willing…

Richard Artoul

Distributed Storage Engineer

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